Magic of Acadia Photography Workshop Intensive

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Magic of Acadia Photography Workshop Intensive

August 23 to August 27th 2023



Summer time in Acadia National Park is such a magical thing. I have traveled to many places in this great wide world but one place that stands out through it all is Acadia National Park.  It is one of the best place for photos due to the diverse photographic scenery from the rugged Maine Coast the summit of Cadillac Mountain, historic lighthouses, quaint seaport town and ports, forest, streams and so much more.  Acadia has it all. 


Magic of Acadia Photography Workshop Intensive August 23 to August 27th 2024.  This will be a great way to get to see and experience all aspects of this diverse park as well as learn the photography tips and skills to capture its beauty.  For more information on class  information please contact me. 

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