Tiffany & Kelvin Green(non-registered)
I hired John to teach landscape photography to my teen. He was lovely to work with, very patient and informative. Also he is a highly skilled artist who clearly loves the environment. We visited acadia this summer based on his photography - it was as spectacular as his art depicts. Thanks john!
Linda D(non-registered)
John you are an amazing artist! Bridges, butterflies, meadows, great thou art! Thanks for sharing
In the album Olympic national park all the photos have a great look with a cool lighting and better contrast. I think the photos deserve some awards that can make your future more better than now. All the best for your future work.
Lucille Kenny
John, your work is amazing, especially this new series "No Place Like home." You are so very talented. Keep on snapping!! Aunt Lu
Your work is awesome and great inspiration. I wish I will be around your area to participate in all your workshop. I am in Miami, florida, but if you plan a workshop for more that a day maybe I will be able to attend.

Keep your good work.

Sal De Fini(non-registered)
Quite a lovely place and you have done it justice in photos
George Elliot(non-registered)
Wow. Great photos John.
maggie peters(non-registered)
I saw your photo and the piece written about your ebook in the publication Voices, and logged onto your website; what a feast for my eyes! You capture the beauty of CT and bring it to us to truly appreciate and enjoy.

Your ebook looks fascinating; I look forward to downloading it and taking your epic 4-year trip with you, through your eyes and your camera's lens.
Chris Volo(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful! Your photos are truly inspiring, thank you for sharing your gift with us.
ken saco(non-registered)
Inspiring work, John, congratulations!
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