John Munno Photography | Photography Instruction: Classes, Workshops and Fieldtrips


Photography Instruction:  Classes, Workshops and Field Trips


I love photography and I love teaching so teaching photography classes and workshops give me the opportunity to do what I love and help you do what you love too which is taking beautiful photos.   I am available to help you become a better photographer through the wide range of classes and workshops I offer starting with beginner classes to better learn how to use your camera, then moving into learning how to store and edit your photos in the computer.   I offer short field trips on location to learn particular aspects of photography such as photographic waterfalls and moving water, photographing sunsets and moon rises, seascapes and lighthouses.  For the intrepid photographers, I offer day long field trips throughout Connecticut to take in the natural beauty of Connecticut and its photographic gems from the southern coast to Northern forested hills and river valleys. One thing that is for sure is you will have a good time and learn so much in what every class you attend.  

I have many years of experience as a professional nature, landscape and commercial photographer as well as a full time professional wedding photographer so can teach a wide range of topics to hep accelerate your photography skills.


Adobe Lightroom Comprehensive On Line Training Course 

Storing, cataloging, developing and sharing your photos with Adobe Lightroom

Wonder what to do with your photos after you have them in camera? Struggle with finding and cataloging the photos you have in your computer? Want to change the exposure of your photos and do some editing to help your photos come out as they appeared to when you took them? Need to change your photos sizes for outputting to various sources such as photo contests, facebook, emails, web use and printing? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this workshop series is for you.

Lightroom is a fantastic and powerful photography software because it has the ability to do it all- everything you need to accomplish in your photographic workflow from cataloging your photos, to developing, printing, outputting and resizing as well as making photo books, slideshows and much more. This all-in-one program comes at a very affordable price and is very user friendly.


This class is held a few times a year at my studio but now I am offering this class in video format for those who can't attend a local workshop.  The video training is over 6 hours long and made up of 30 videos that take you through the various courses in Lightroom.  It is the most comprehensive course in Lightroom I have found and will take you through each module step by step with easy instruction and time saving tips.  This course will teach you the ins and outs of Lightroom to make for an easy work flow and skill with Lightroom


1 Lightroom Series 1 Introduction


Library Module: Course 1  (2 hours) 10 video course


This video class will give you an overviews of Adobe Lightroom as well as teach you how to navigate through the Adobe Lightroom interface.  You will learn how to take your photos from your camera and computer and ingest them into Lightroom.  Once in Lightroom, I will teach you how organize and create a folder structure so you can easily locate your photos in Lightroom.  I will teach you how to rename and apply import presents and keywords to your photos.  How to use Lightroom's powerful search functions to locate your photos.    How to to rate, star, color and flag your favorite photos as well as show you an easy culling workflow to remove unwanted photos and narrow down your favorite photos for editing.  


To purchase the class click here         Lightroom Library Module        2 hours, 10 video class


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Develop Module: Course 2  (2 hours, 35 minutes) 12 video course


In this video class I will go show you how to maximize your photo’s potential with the many development options in Lightroom including exposure, white balance, saturation hues and color balance as well as adding vignetting to your photos and cropping and straightening. I will also go over how to use the adjustment brush and graduated neutral density filter and radial filters to make local adjustments on specific areas of your image.


To purchase the class click here         Lightroom Develop Module      2 hours 35 minutes, 12 video class


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Print Module and resizing and exporting your photos:  Course 3  (1.5 hours)


In this video class I will teach how to re-size and export your photos to different file types and sizes to meet the needs of printers, websites, emails etc.  I will also teach you how to create watermarks on your photos for exporting and social media use.  I will also go in depth about printing, papers, profiles and how to print your own photos using Lightroom's Print Module.


To purchase the class click here    Lightroom Export and Print Module   1 hour 25 minutes, 9 video class



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Lightroom Complete (3) Module Course.  All Three Classes with full Video Access to take you through the 3 modules of Lightroom

Purchase the Complete 3 module class and save $10.00

To Purchase all three modules click here    Lightroom Complete (3) Modules Class  apx 6 hours training and 30 video class


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Private Lessons:

Have a particular challenge, obstacle, or area of photography that you are having difficulty with or want to improve upon?  A private lesson is an excellent way to get the most of our time.  With one-on-one individual attention you are assured to leave your lesson with new skills and a changed perspective.  Private lessons will cover the areas of attention to want to learn the skills you need and can be done in an indoor studio or outdoor location relavent to your lesson material.



Field Trips and Workshops:   

Hands on instruction in the field is the best way to learn.  It is also a great way to be in the elements that you love to photograph.  I offer both group and private field workshops from a few hours in length to all day workshops throughout the sate of Connecticut.  Topics include everything from photographing fall foliage, photographing seascapes, photographing waterfalls and moving water etc. I know a lot of the best locations throughout Connecticut for the best photo opportunity and training.   I have many years experience as a commercial guide.  I was employed as a high adventure guide for the Boy Scouts of America, a Licensed Utah and Colorado River rafting guide and a Professional certified cross country ski instructor and tour leader. Taking people out in nature is second nature to me instructor so you will be in the best of hands. 



Intro Class: Fundamental camera basics, settings and operations.  (1.5 hours)

Learn about the settings on your camera and how to use them to take beautiful photos every time.

It is amazing how many people have a camera but don't know how to use it.  Don't feel bad you are not alone.  Today's modern digital cameras are very complex and have more bells and whistles that one know what do with our use.  In their efforts to make camera's easier to use, ,most people set their cameras to auto and fire away.  Unfortunately photos don't come out as you would like because all these automatic settings often are compromise settings and don't really make the camera do what we really want it to do.  Take command of your camera and put the power and artistry into your own hands by shooting manual.  Learn about focus points to achieve accurate focus as well as different light metering modes, and exposure settings to nail your exposure every time.  This class will teach you how to really understand and use the setting and options your camera offers and leave you feeling more empowered and proficient in how to use your camera and take better photos.

Cost $50.00


Testimonials from workshop attendees:

"John's work obviously speaks for itself, and I continue to be in awe of his inspiring photos. Further, and more importantly, is the man behind the camera. To know John up close is to see a person who is not only fully engaged and passionate about his beautiful photographic work, but to be the recipient of his gifts: his knowledge which he selflessly shares, his friendship which exudes daily, his genuine desire to teach others that they may share his insight into the fine art of photography, and, at the same time, inspiring all of us to learn and love nature and its welcoming beauty through the lens.  It’s always a good day to be in John’s company…whether or not I learn one more tidbit about photography. I’m happy to call him a friend and mentor."---Gerry Bryson


"I recently spent an hour and a half of individual Lightroom training time with John Munno.  It was time well spent and is the best hands on training I've had. Set your own agenda with John in advance and you stay focused on whats important to just you."----Sal Defini


"I am participating in the Lightroom Class with John Munno which contains 3 modules. The first module, Lightroom Library, is an essential first step in beginning the post-processing activity. John demonstrated his actual procedure when he loads his photos into Lightroom from the deleting of poor shots to the rating of the photos that were the ones that he would use to edit and keep. The organizational process for sorting the photos by subject, interest was a main focus. Knowing these first steps really helped me to sort through my photos and put them in proper folders so that they will be very easily accessible. I am very much looking forward to the Editing Module! Thank you to John for providing this easy, fun and affordable way of learning Lightroom!"

Debbie B.