What is compelling with your photography is the awe-inspiring craftsmanship that it exhibits. They are also  inspirational, and transcending, elevating one to an inner space of peace, joy and tranquility. You are truly gifted in this profession.

 Ruth Essien


     I have purchased several of John Munno's photographic works, which are of the highest quality. John has a unique way of capturing the essence and beauty of the natural world. He sees what others do not see and his work evokes deep feelings of peace, inter -connectedness and awe. Many of the subjects he has photographed are fleeting, elusive moments of profound joy. He brings these moments to all who enjoy his work. I highly recommend John as a most gifted nature photographer- on par with those whose work is seen in publications of prestige, such as the Audubon Society and National Geographic. 

Alison Birks, MS, AHG, CNS


     Johns photography provides a much needed window into a world where time passes slowly or not at all.  A world view of constant peace, harmony, abundance and perfection.   Johns work speaks to the heart of the many and wondrous gifts of God that we humans don’t often get to experience firsthand in our busy day-to-day lives, reminding us that there is more to life than effort and toil.  Just taking a few minutes each morning to visit Johns beautiful website sets a tone of peace and well being in my mind and feelings which I carry throughout my day.  Gratitude – I am so very grateful for the work that John does and extends to every person to experience for themselves the wonders of nature.

Laura Lemon


     I Just love your Photos!! You are truly amazing.  So much beauty and grace.  They carry a quiet stillness that opens my heart to Heaven.

Theresa L.


     John's photos have created a place of beauty and relaxation in our waiting room. We opened our new office with blank walls and since his photos have been installed our patients have not stopped with the praise of his work and how much they enhanced our office. They are BEAUTIFUL and when they were enlarged they surpassed our expectations and fit perfectly into our decor and space.  

Gloria R


     I admire nature and the power of the Creator through it.  John Munno's photography and his ability of capturing the moments of utmost beauty in nature takes me to all those places after long hours of work and research right in the comfort of my house.  Thank you John for sharing.

Seta Balmanoukian 


     Your photos fill me full of joy and gratitude for the natural world. You have a seeing artist's eye that captures the perfect composition, color and mood in the landscape. Each photo conveys the impression of an eternal moment, a stillness and a joy in all the various manifestations of beauty around us. Your photos enhance so many lives and I thank you for sharing them. 

Ann E.


     John Munno is a talented artist who helped brighten up our Pediatric Dental Office Reception room. He framed one of his photographs of New London Light house extending the entire wall in 4 sections. The colors and picture quality are fantastic and have created a bright colorful calming room to help patients and parents sit and relax. Thank you from all the Docs at CDA. Bravo!


     Stunning, I am very impressed and in awe of your ability to capture nature's Beauty and emotions.  Thank you!!!



     John Munno's Photography is an example of Peace and Harmony implanted within his captures. I have the honor of hanging one of his coast images of the North East of USA on my living room wall of my New York City apartment, after a rough day in the midst of a chaotic city such as this one, I have the pleasure to relax in my on couch and stare to the picture and magically travel to that sunrise ocean coast where I can find an inexplicable tranquility. I have also enjoyed his Xmas cards and cards for multiple occasions as well. I am deeply grateful for his amazing and professional work.

Andres P


     Your photography brings beauty and joy to the eye of the beholder.  Always a great meditation piece to contemplate on God and the beauty of nature that surrounds us.  Your pictures put a smile on my face and heart.

Sharon Oconnor


     When I look at John's photographs I get the feeling that "all is right with the world". The way nature is pinpointed in John's works reflects feelings of peace and harmony with the beauty of the earth. I can definitely see these beautiful portrayals of nature being used for healing focuses in institutions of healing.

Martha Swanson


     I ordered two beautiful flower prints, the Peaceful Lily and special request, Red Peony. They are exquisite and bring so much beauty and brightness into my home. I have received many complements on their beauty and owe that to the excellent work of John Munno. I can't wait to add more nature photos by this wonderful artist to my own fine art gallery in my home.



     There is such Purity and clarity in your work that makes them so beautiful to behold...... (*) You seem to capture the Essence of whatever you are photographing.  What a precious Gift to give to life! 

Susan Clapp


     John has been a partner in the preparation of two brochures on local landmarks, a guide to Southbury's Main Street Historic District and a guide to the South Britain Historic District.  He took all the images for these brochures, which are funded through the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism.   Working with him has been a professional and personal pleasure.  He is meticulous in his photography..   He listens to what is needed and tries to meet that need, even if it means going the last mile to try a new angle,  wait for the right light conditions, or capture a special detail.  He is also a pleasure to work with -- prompt, creative and focused on the highest standards.  I would highly recommend him and I am looking forward to working with him on other projects.

Diantha Dow Schull
Preservation Advisor, Town of Southbury's Certified Local Government


     John contacted us to take some photos of our house. We used one of the photos for a post card for our guests. When we needed some new photos of our Bed and Breakfast guest rooms we called John. He did a wonderful job and we were very satisfied. You can see his work on our website, www.cornucopiabnb.com

Cornucopia Bed and Breakfast


     I am a student a Three Rivers Community College taking my first ever photography class.  At the age of 40 years old I decided to go to college since I have never been.  I am presently in my last semester, thank goodness being a mom, wife, student , full time employee,  has been a lot of hats to wear.  

Anyways for our photography assignment we had to pick a photographer whose work we love and try to take similar pictures. I chose you because I loved your photos and I truly love your story. I feel most comfortable in nature, here is a brief story about me. Today I was driving and I had an anxiety attack, I found myself pulling over to Babcock Pond to calm my nerves.  I have never been there but I remembered seeing a photo you took there. I grabbed my camera which I always had and wandered into the woods.  I instantly felt calm it is funny how being in nature can do that. 

Anyways I just began picture taking in mid January so I have so much to learn but I am truly loving the journey.  Your photos, combined with inner healing and peace are amazing,  I am so glad I found your photos and story. 

Kristen F


    I’m certainly not someone to whom one would typically turn for photography advice. However, as a member and three-year Secretary of the Camera Club of Oxford Greens, I’ve had the pleasure to know, work with and learn from John Munno in person, at his seminars at the Club and field trips which he conducts.

His work obviously speaks for itself, and I continue to be in awe of his inspiring photos. Further, and more importantly, is the man behind the camera. To know John up close is to see a person who is not only fully engaged and passionate about his beautiful photographic work, but to be the recipient of his gifts: his knowledge which he selflessly shares, his friendship which exudes daily, his genuine desire to teach others that they may share his insight into the fine art of photography, and, at the same time, inspiring all of us to learn and love nature and its welcoming beauty through the lens.

It’s always a good day to be in John’s company…whether or not I learn one more tidbit about photography. I’m happy to call him a friend and mentor.

Gerry Bryson, Oxford, CT


     I was totally delighted to have received your ebook on this fresh spring morning, with morning songs of birds.  I feel you captured the message perfectly, with your photos and your words, written and what was not.  Words cannot describe the wonder of earth and the value of protecting her resources and working in harmony with her, but you came very close, I am sure.  The pictures spoke loudly, as quiet as nature is, it was so loud in your book.  Thank you for the message, the journey through your travels, places some may never go and the true gift this book is to all who treasure our precious earthly home and life.  You have a gift, a true treasure.  Thank you John!!

Bette J Shaw


     All of the pictures for my senior portraits came out so wonderful; Thanks to you, my family and I have these wonderful mementos of my senior year!!

Carolyn Mayer


     Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful field trip last week. It was a very rewarding experience and a lot of fun too!  I learned so much about taking photos with different settings that I usually don't use and a tripod which I also usually don't use (but now plan on using more.) You are a great instructor with much patience and we are certainly fortunate to have you share your knowledge with us.  I look forward to more of your workshops.

Chris Volo


     I have known John for almost a decade and during that time, his kind and gentle spirit has been demonstrated through the delightful medium of photography.  I believe his connection to and love for the world of nature is seamless and beautifully portrayed in the moments he captures on film.

Lisa Livingston  


     I thank you for my beautiful photo Peaceful Lily.  I put the fine art print in my dark dingy and narrow bathroom.  Now I'm so happy when I go into the room because the Peaceful Lily photo is so peaceful and pure and it brightened the area totally.