When I am approached by couples looking to book their venues, the couple has a certain amount of money to budget and often I see that the photographer gets seen or lumped together price wise as the other vendors such as the officient, D.J.s etc.  


Your wedding photographer spends more time with you then any other vendor on your wedding day often starting in the morning with getting ready shots a ceremony and reception averaging anywhere from 6 to 10 hours.  Also the photographer spends more time after a wedding then any of your vendors.  After shooting your wedding my works just begins as editing can take me a solid week (5 to 7 days of work to make edit and have your photos ready.  So often the photographer may cost more then your other vendors I hope this helps explain why. Also the cost of professional photography gear and lighting is more then then any other vendor out there.  My photos look good because of the professional quality of gear that I use with my clients in lenses, cameras and lighting equipment.  Many photographers shoot with less quality gear.  I can't do that because I want the best for my clients and they deserve the best.  I also meet with my clients up to 3 times before their wedding day to make sure all goes well and smooth on the wedding day.  I don't know of many other companies that do that.  I invest a lot of time in my clients so that their weddings turn out great and they have a smooth and great wedding experience.  You can see that in every 5 star review left by them.  
Many other companies are quick to take your money and slow do deliver.  When starting my company I aimed to be different and to care for my clients and provide the best of service and products out there.  Can you find a company, newly starting or less reputable photographer who will shoot your wedding for less?   Probably so.  But if I have a dollar for every time I get the call two weeks before their wedding that  "My photographer canceled on me", "or my photographer was last or didn't get these shots of our wedding", I have even heard "we never got our photos" or We had to wait a year to get our album"," ,'or I didn't like the personality of my photographer etc.  Yes, then I hear the regrets.
Some of the larger companies may provide discounted rates.  They often supply you with a photographer with much less experience, and quality of gear.  The just show up on your wedding day and you have little contact with them.  They are not as vested in the work they do and often the companies not either.  It is all about high volume and numbers. I have worked for these companies so I know how they operate and what is out there in the industry!!
As I mentioned I have shopped the market extensively to price myself better then anybody for the quality and services I deliver.  You have only once chance to capture the memories of your wedding and you want to look back on your day with joy, happiness as one of the best days of you life and you want to have the photos to tell the story of that day.
Your original budget was for $1500 and I provided you with a package of $1299 which is substantially much lower then that.  I am not sure what has changed in your plans but it is very hard to get the quality of work I deliver for that price with other companies.  Usually you have to pay often twice that much.
I hope this email and video link will provide some insights to choosing a wedding photographer.  I will do my best to work with you and hopefully we can work together to come up with a package that will work for the both of us.  I can also provide payment plans to make it easier and more affordable to get the wedding package you desire.
I haven't heard from you about the hours of coverage, or the services to offer so it makes it difficult for me to provide more options on pricing etc.
I am happy to talk with you about this if you would like. 

To set up a personalized wedding consultation call (203-405-3329) text 203-824-7423 or email johnmunnoweddings@gmail.com.


I look forward to hearing back from you, being your wedding photographer and taking beautiful photos of your wedding day that you will love and cherish.






John Munno