Magic of Acadia

August 30, 2013  •  12 Comments

I just got back from two weeks of shooting in Acadia National Park in Maine.  The weather was fabulous and the photography was amazing.  There were so many beautiful sunsets and sunrises, moonsets and moonrises as well.  All in all, it was a great trip with so many beautiful photos.  I will be uploading the photos over the next few weeks and hope to have a DVD made at some point.

The photos are available for sale through my website from the Acadia National Park Gallery,  Prints as well as mouse pads, iphone cases and many other photo items are available as well.  Just click on "buy" and it will bring up a host of products to views.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.  


Acadia National Park Photography of sun rising over the Atlantic OceanAwakening

photography of moonrise over Acadia National Park Magic of Acadia

Landscape Phogography of Sunrise over Acadia National ParkAurora Acadia National Park Lansdcape Photography of dusk over Atlantic OceanDeep in Contemplation


Amazing pictures. Thank you for sharing.
Julia Reznik(non-registered)
Your photos are amazing and inspiring! They capture and transmit the energy of nature, as if the nature is speaking to us through your art. Thank you for sharing!
Paul Bucky(non-registered)
Wonderful, WONDER FULL......and full of wonder. You captured it ALL.
Thanks John
Lisa Livingston(non-registered)
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your talent John.....
Doug Bartel(non-registered)
Great job John - you have captured the magic of the park. I hope our members will get the opportunity to see more of the magic!
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