Encounters with Snowy Owl

April 03, 2014  •  1 Comment

Each encounter we have in life be it a long relationship with a person or a short encounter I feel has a special significance.  I often wonder why, what brought us together on this day?  What was I to learn, to share?  With animals I feel this holds true as well.  Why this snowy owl and I were to meet this Saturday morning I may never know, but it was a special encounter nonetheless.  What was even more special was that this snowy owl came to me.  I didn't have to go looking for it.  I received a phone call from a neighbor that the owl was in my neighborhood and ran out the door to find it just a few houses away.

It is one thing to get a picture of such a rare and beautiful bird but another thing to have the amazing opportunity to spend hours shooting this graceful and enchanting creature.    On day two, Sunday morning I got the call again that the owl was in the neighborhood, this time visible from my front door.  So I got my camera and spent more time with snowy.  

I took hundreds of photos and selected about 30 photos I felt were the most diverse and shared the many moods, and life in the day of a snowy owl.  Some moments were peaceful, some contemplative, some joyful, and some filled with the ruckus of dive bombing crows.

I hope I have done justice to this rare and little understood bird.   Thank you snowy for visiting me and for this time I could spend with you.  It is a most precious gift.  

Some of the photos are below in this blog but I encourage to click on this link to my GALLERY OF SNOWY OWL PHOTOS to view more of the photos.  Click on the slideshow button on the right of the screen to view full size images.  



Snowy WatchingSnowy Watching


Don't bother meDon't bother me


MBA_6158 (683x1024)MBA_6158 (683x1024)


Snowy in FlightSnowy in Flight


I love Snowy! What magnificent photos. I'm so jealous of your encounter. How fortunate that you experienced this rare and beautiful moment.
Thank you for sharing; it made my day.
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