Connecticut Fall Foliage Photography and Wall Art

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Fall Foliage Season in Connecticut

A fleeting moment of time


Fall is a fleeting time in New England lasting only about 2 weeks.  In this short window, the green foliage of summer quickly turns to the reds, yellows and oranges of fall briefly before falling from the trees leaving the trees naked and the landscape brown before winter before winter snows fall upon the land.  To take advantage of this time of the year you have to move fast, be out in the field a lot, travel much and take in each day as if  it was the last.  Every minute counts and the same location will not look the same one day as it did the next changing sometimes from hour to hour.  This particular fall foliage season was particularly fleeting because of many days of rain and numerous wind storms that made photographing difficult and quickly blew the leaves down from the forest canopy to the wet ground below.    

With all the limitations of this fall season I was able to get out here and there to capture the beauty of this magical time of the year.  I made two trips to the northern part of Connecticut in the Litchfield Hills as well as visiting some of my old stomping grounds in neighboring Middlebury, Connecticut. I was able to capture some great morning shots in my own back yard and neighborhood "Lakeside" on Lake Zoar in Southbury, Connecticut. 

Connecticut is a big state when it comes to fall foliage with the diversity of the terrain and landscapes.  This blog post only captures a very minute part of this grand picture and is dedicated to the beauty and magic of Autumn in Connecticut.  


If you like what you see, all these photos are available with text in poster and print form or can be blown up with or without text into large canvas wall art  up to 32 x 48 at great prices!!  This is a great way to decorate your home or office or offer a gift for the holidays.  You can call me at 203-405-3329 or email at [email protected] for prices and sizes.


Autumn Cascades PosterAutumn Cascades PosterD75O Paradise FoundParadise FoundD75O Silken VeilsSilken VeilsD75O Wispering WatersWispering WatersD75O Golden Pathway-2Golden Pathway-2D75O UpwardsUpwardsD75O Autumn DelightAutumn DelightD75O Lake Zoar Reflections PosterLake Zoar Reflections PosterD75O Lakeside Dawning-2Lakeside Dawning-2D75O _D509722 copy_D509722 copyD75O Burr Cascades-2Burr Cascades-2D75O Cornucopia PosterCornucopia PosterD75O Mohawk Panorama-2Mohawk Panorama-2D75O Mohawk VistaMohawk VistaD75O On Wolcott Pond 2On Wolcott Pond 2D75O Kalaidascope eyesKalaidascope eyesD75O Autumn Reflections-2Autumn Reflections-2D75O American BeechAmerican BeechD75O

Take Me HomeTake Me HomeD75O






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