April Fools-Spring snowfall just when you thought spring had finally arrived.

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April Fools

April snowfall just when you thought spring had finally arrived.

The Crocuses started to bloom and there was a hint of spring in the air. We celebrated Easter and then April Fools, Winter decided to come back for a while. It was a beautiful snow, lightly falling with fog and made for some really beautiful photos on Lake Zoar and the Housatonic River in Oxford, Connecticut.

Snow can come fiercely with strong winds and everything takes cover. This snow was very different. It was a spring snow, gently falling with the sound of song birds everywhere and the feeling of new life in the air. The air was so still and morning was quiet. The snow and fog cast an other worldly feeling and commonly recognized sites were transformed into obscure and subtle beauty. Colors became muted almost monotone even though they were shot in color, sharp lines and angles became softened. It was very inviting and welcoming and calm.

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