My Adobe Lightroom Online Training Class is Here!! 30 videos, 6 hours of teaching

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New Release

My Adobe Lightroom
Photography Software
Online Training Course


The course you have been waiting for is here!  I put together a comprehensive 30 video, 6 hour training course in Adobe Lightroom from beginning to end, covering all the ins and outs through the Library, develop and export and print modules in Lightroom. 


1 Lightroom Series 1 Introduction


Many Lightroom classes out there are parts and pieces that you have to put together from different instructors.  With this course look no further.  Everything is in one place and I designed this course with a logical sequence from getting your photos off the memory cards into  Lightroom.  Then creating a logical and practical folder system in Lightroom to locate and rate your photos.  Then all the tools in the develop module to edit your photos concluding with the exporting your photos out of Lightroom for sharing on social media,websites,  printing and other external applications.  

This is one of the most comprehensive Lightroom Class available layed out with lessons from beginning to end with one instructor (me).   30 videos covering 6 hours of training in Adobe Lightroom.  From advanced to begining this class will teach you time saving tips, help simplify your workflow, learn all aspects of working with your digital photoraphs and help make them look their best.

Classes can be purchased individually or all together through my website. See link below for more information.

The classes are $20 each for the Library, Develop and Printing Modules or purchase all 3 classes for $50

Contact me for more information or questions.

John Munno



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