Healing Photography Art Installation-Yale Greenwich Hospital

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Healing Photo Art Installation

Yale, Greenwich Hospital

Outpatient Physical Therapy Office


I worked on this project over the summer with Art for Healing Environments. I provided all the photos except for 2 beach walkway scenes in the main waiting room which were done by photographer Katherine Genreau. Art for Healing Environments did a great job of the printing and custom framing and matting of the photos.  The large photo size and framing makes them very impactful especially when standing in front of them.   The photos came out great and clients are loving them at the new office as reported by the staff.

Thanks Yale Greenwich Hospital for bringing such beauty to your therapy office.  

As a side note all the photos of mine featured in this blog can be purchased in various forms for your office or home including prints, framed or unframed, canvas, and metal.  Contact me for prices and information.

Yale Greenwich Hospital-20Yale Greenwich Hospital-20
Yale Greenwich Hospital-107Yale Greenwich Hospital-107

Yale Greenwich Hospital-112-EditYale Greenwich Hospital-112-Edit Yale Greenwich Hospital-118Yale Greenwich Hospital-118

Yale Greenwich Hospital-115-EditYale Greenwich Hospital-115-Edit Yale Greenwich Hospital-109Yale Greenwich Hospital-109 Yale Greenwich Hospital-104Yale Greenwich Hospital-104

Yale Greenwich Hospital-100Yale Greenwich Hospital-100

Yale Greenwich Hospital-91Yale Greenwich Hospital-91 Yale Greenwich Hospital-87Yale Greenwich Hospital-87 Yale Greenwich Hospital-83Yale Greenwich Hospital-83 Yale Greenwich Hospital-82Yale Greenwich Hospital-82 Yale Greenwich Hospital-75Yale Greenwich Hospital-75 Yale Greenwich Hospital-71Yale Greenwich Hospital-71 Yale Greenwich Hospital-69Yale Greenwich Hospital-69 Yale Greenwich Hospital-50Yale Greenwich Hospital-50 Yale Greenwich Hospital-48Yale Greenwich Hospital-48 Yale Greenwich Hospital-46Yale Greenwich Hospital-46 Yale Greenwich Hospital-27Yale Greenwich Hospital-27 Yale Greenwich Hospital-25Yale Greenwich Hospital-25 Yale Greenwich Hospital-23-EditYale Greenwich Hospital-23-Edit Yale Greenwich Hospital-21Yale Greenwich Hospital-21 Yale Greenwich Hospital-18Yale Greenwich Hospital-18 Yale Greenwich Hospital-17Yale Greenwich Hospital-17 Yale Greenwich Hospital-14Yale Greenwich Hospital-14 Yale Greenwich Hospital-9Yale Greenwich Hospital-9

Yale Greenwich Hospital-6Yale Greenwich Hospital-6




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