Photographic Tour of Acadia National Park-Park Loop Road Part 1

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Photographic Tour of Acadia National Park-Park Loop Road 


The park loop road of Acadia National Park is a marvel of the hand of man working in conjunction with Nature.  This is far contrast with what happens ordinarily with man when he builds buildings and road with right angles and lines that cut through, intersect, dominate and destroy Nature's beauty with his road, buildings, power lines and bridges.  Here instead, man works with Nature to bring out her beauty, shapes, curves and undulating lines.  The Park road on its east side, hugs the Atlantic Ocean and comes close to the ocean allowing for easy access to some of the most beautiful coastal scenes exhibiting Maine's rugged coast and pink granite rocks and cliffs.  Acadia National Park is a place that never grows old for me.  This summer was my forth time visiting the park.  Every time I come I am continued to be amazed by the beauty found in Acadia National Park.  This summer the weather was much better then last year, and I was awarded with amazing sunrise after sunrise and sunset after sunset for almost two weeks.  For me the blue and golden hours of early dawn and dusk provide endless colors, and magic.  Being by the sea and listening to her sweet music is the greatest of melodies and sound.  Watching the night turn to day and the day turn to night provides a feeling of wonder, presence and awe that humbles one yet includes me in this grand experience of life.  To be able to capture such amazing images for me is a life love which I feel so blessed to be able to do.  


Enough said for now. Enjoy the journey into the Magic of Acadia National Park with a photos taken along the east side park look road.


The DepthsThe DepthsD75O Acadia NP 7.2019-613Acadia NP 7.2019-613 Acadia NP 7.2019-646-EditAcadia NP 7.2019-646-Edit Acadia NP 7.2019-551Acadia NP 7.2019-551 Acadia NP 7.2019-784Acadia NP 7.2019-784 Acadia NP 7.2019-836-EditAcadia NP 7.2019-836-Edit Acadia NP 7.2019-1172Acadia NP 7.2019-1172D75O Acadia NP 7.2019-1893-EditAcadia NP 7.2019-1893-EditD75O Acadia NP 7.2019-2246-EditAcadia NP 7.2019-2246-Edit Acadia NP 7.2019-2359-EditAcadia NP 7.2019-2359-Edit BeckoningBeckoningD75O ConvergenceConvergenceD75O First LookFirst LookD75O Monument CoveMonument Cove Morning MeditationMorning Meditation Mountain High-2Mountain High-2 Otter Cliffs FarewellOtter Cliffs Farewell Refiner's FireRefiner's FireD75O Sweet DreamsSweet Dreams



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