Freezing Rain

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Every winter brings its own mix of elements of snow, cold, rain, sleet and variable weather conditions.  Some winters have been dominated by heavy amounts of snow.  Some winters bring.  This winter in Connecticut has been relatively mild, temperature wise and snow fall as been very light.  The winter has been following a pattern of mild temperatures, followed by rising temperatures then sudden dropping of temperatures with the most amazing and repeated storms of freezing rain.  There was one storm in particular that had such a dense coating of ice on the trees that stayed for days.  Normally, freezing rain on trees comes and is a very short thing but as I mentioned this year was unique in that the temperature would drop suddenly after these storms and remain way below freezing for days so cold in fact that the bright rays of the sun wasn't warm enough to melt the ice.  This created one of the most spectacular sights I have ever seen in my life with days of sunrises and sunsets casting magical crystalline rays of light across forests of frozen trees sparking like diamonds and transformed into an angelic other worldly landscape.  There were mornings and evenings where I gazed with my eyes wide open and my draw dropped as I witness this magical diamond, crystalline sparkling scene before my eyes.   It is hard for a photo to capture the magnificence  of the scene but I did my best to capture the magic of it in this blog post.  


winter 2.21.19-22-Editwinter 2.21.19-22-Edit Winter 1.21.19-542Winter 1.21.19-542 Winter 1.21.19-370-EditWinter 1.21.19-370-Edit Winter 1.21.19-369-EditWinter 1.21.19-369-Edit Winter 1.21.19-362-EditWinter 1.21.19-362-Edit Winter 1.21.19-358Winter 1.21.19-358 Winter 1.21.19-356-Edit-EditWinter 1.21.19-356-Edit-Edit Winter 1.21.19-350-EditWinter 1.21.19-350-Edit Winter 1.21.19-333Winter 1.21.19-333 Winter 1.21.19-325Winter 1.21.19-325 Winter 1.21.19-296Winter 1.21.19-296 Winter 1.21.19-294Winter 1.21.19-294 Winter 1.21.19-264Winter 1.21.19-264 Winter 1.21.19-246Winter 1.21.19-246 Ice CanopyIce Canopy Winter 1.21.19-161-EditWinter 1.21.19-161-Edit Winter 1.21.19-96-EditWinter 1.21.19-96-Edit Winter 1.21.19-73Winter 1.21.19-73 Winter 1.21.19-46-EditWinter 1.21.19-46-Edit Winter 1.22.19-57-EditWinter 1.22.19-57-Edit Winter 1.22.19-29Winter 1.22.19-29 Winter 1.22.19-8Winter 1.22.19-8

Moon 1.21.19-5Moon 1.21.19-5




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