Summer Fun Photography Field Workshop Classes

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Summer Fun Photography Field Workshops with John Munno


August Photography Field Classes


Learn hands on, in the field at beautiful locations across Connecticut


Recharge, rejuvenate and revitalize in Nature while learning something new


All events will be Covid-19 friendly and take place outdoors. 

Social distancing and safe practices will be used to make sure everybody is safe and has a great learning experience.


Get um while it’s hot.  Not sure if these opportunities will be offered again.

All levels of experience welcome


Digital or Mirrorless camera with the ability to change shutter and aperture is recommended. 

Class not recommended for cell phones.

Tripod recommended for all classes.


Beach 8.17.16-117Beach 8.17.16-117D75O

Class 1  Moon rise over Charles Island Milford, Connecticut Walnut Beach/Silver Sands Beach


Date: Sunday, August 2nd

Time:  7pm to 9 pm  (2 hours)

Location  Walnut Beach/Milford, Connecticut

(Rain date:  Tuesday Sept 2nd}

Cost $35.00


Course Description

The moon is a fascinating subject to photograph.  Many try and don’t achieve the results they want.  There are many moon photography secret tricks and tips which I will present in this class. Timing is everything when it comes to lighting and photographing the moon.  The location and timing of this class is specifically set to have the moon rise over the ocean as well over a significant scenic landmark.   It will make for a great experience as well as beautiful photos to capture.


Other topics to include Tripods, Camera Lens Focal lengths of lenses and proper Camera settings. 


Come breathe in the fresh sea air, take in the sounds of waves lapping the shores and seabirds flying in the sky.   Feel whole again as nature does its magic work.  It will be an evening to remember


Refreshing Stream 2Refreshing Stream 2


Class 2  Waterfall and moving water photography

Date Thursday August 6, 2020 

Time 6pm to 7:30 pm  1.5 hours

Location Southford Falls State Park

(Rain Date, August 7th)

Cost $30.00


Course description: 

Moving water is captivating subject to shoot in photography.  How best to bring this subject to life in your photos?  How to create a sense of movement and time through long exposure techniques to make your waterfall and moving water photos bring a sense of emotion beauty and magic all will be taught in this class. 


Other topics to include filters for waterfall photography including polarizers and neutral density filters, camera settings for waterfall photography, tripods and cable releases/remote triggers. 


Leave your cares behind as the sounds of water soothes your soul and brings new life to you.  You will leave feeling lighter as your burdens and troubles are left behind and you start the day anew.


Sunflower 8.19-83Sunflower 8.19-83

Class 3 Flower Power Sunflower Macro Photography

Wednesday, August 19, 2020  

Time:  6:30 pm-8:00  1.5 hours

(Rain date, August 28th)

Location:  Southbury, Plaza

Cost $30.00


Course Description

Flowers are a favorite subject yet one of the most difficult to photograph for many reasons.  Entering the world of macro photography, the world of the small) brings up many of the camera’s limitations.  Learn how to overcome these limitations and photography this beautiful world of detail, color and beauty.


Other topics to include: macro photography what settings to use, macro lenses and equipment including extension tubes, focus stacking, focusing rails, and composition suggestions to achieve the best photos.


Nothing says summer is here then sunflowers.  What is there not to like about sunflowers?.  They are symbols of hope, joy and happiness.  A short time in their company and we feel all right with the world and something we all need in this crazy covid time.  This workshop will put that skip back in your stride and a smile on your face as you are fortified and recharged.


Lighthouse Point 1Lighthouse Point 1


Class 4  Connecticut Lighthouse and Sunset Photography

Date:  August 26, 2020 

Time: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm  2 hours

Location Lighthouse Point, New Haven Connecticut

(rain date Aug 27, 2020)

Cost $35.00


Course Description:

Lighthouses are a great historical subject to photograph and Connecticut has quite a few of them.  This class will take place at an easily accessible lighthouse to give you the chance to get up close and personal with both the Lighthouse, ocean and shore.  How best to photograph these icons of our maritime past and present.  Also photographing seascapes will be covered and the added bonus of sunset photography!


Other topics to camera settings for shooting lighthouses and seascapes include use of graduated neutral density, front lighting and backlighting of objects, remote shutters/cable releases for long exposure photography and how best to photograph sunsets. 


Regestration can be made through the Arts Escape Website:

For more information and class information contact me at 203-405-3329, email:  [email protected]



John Munno



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