Farewell to Fall Foliage Field Photography Class at Jackson Cove

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Farewell to Fall

Fall Foliage Field Photography Class

Tips and tricks for Fall Foliage Photography


 Jackson Cove, Oxford, Connecticut

 Date: Monday, November 8, 2021

Time: 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm 1.5 hours

Cost $45.00


_Z719060_Z719060 The fall colors have been very delayed this year thus giving me the chance to offer this Farewell to Fall-tips and tricks for capturing fall foliage. Fall is a fleeting time and so is the announcement of this class. I hope you can attend on short notice but his is all I could do to fit it in with my schedule and unpredictability of the fall foliage this year. We will be blessed with unseasonably warm weather and lingering fall colors so come on out and take advantage of this opportunity.

Topics to be discussed include

Use of polarizer filters to capture fall colors

Use of creative white balance to bring out the best in fall colors

Direction of Light and its effects on fall colors

Various fall foliage subjects to include-Flowing water fall foliage scenes, Lake and shoreline fall foliage scenes, macro photography leave closeups, and capturing large vistas with Panoramas!!

Fall Foliage Panoramas: We will take a special collection of the class to learn how to create panoramas to capture vast scenes with fall colors.

Bring various lenses that you have including macro lens or extension tubes for close up work

Bring a polarizer filter.

Bring a cable release

Let’s have a fun time, enjoy the beautiful day and learn how to capture beautiful fall foliage colors.


Post Class Notes:  We had a great time taking in the last of the fall foliage.  Here are some photos from the class below. 

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