Spring Flowers of White and Gold

April 12, 2021  •  Leave a Comment


Southbury, Connecticut


Spring is in the air and flowers are blooming everywhere. It is a great time of the year to focus on the flowers as the ground is still brown and barren and the leaves have not come forth.  Backgrounds are very important in photography.  Sometimes as important as the subject.  The use of colors that appear naturally can add so much to a background.  In this photo session I used the close proximity of a yellow Forsythia bush and white flowers and juxtaposed them so that in some situations the yellow flowers are the background, in some cases the foreground and vice versa. The morning was foggy and still with little wind which always helps when taking flower photos as wind moves the flowers and makes them a lot harder to get in focus.  It was a beautiful morning to spend with the flowers and I found it very healing.  Important equipment to have would be a tripod, macro lens or extension tubes and in this case a 70-200 zoom lens for some of the shots as it was hard to get close to them because of the height and thickness of the bushes.

Happy Spring

2021-04-11-14.03.07 ZS PMax-Edit2021-04-11-14.03.07 ZS PMax-Edit Flowers 4.11.21-262Flowers 4.11.21-262 Flowers 4.11.21 2-13Flowers 4.11.21 2-13 Flowers 4.11.21-14Flowers 4.11.21-14 2021-04-11-14.03.07 ZS PMax-Edit2021-04-11-14.03.07 ZS PMax-Edit Flowers 4.11.21-16Flowers 4.11.21-16 Flowers 4.11.21-30Flowers 4.11.21-30 Flowers 4.11.21-50Flowers 4.11.21-50 Flowers 4.11.21-19Flowers 4.11.21-19 Flowers 4.11.21-33Flowers 4.11.21-33 Flowers 4.11.21-46Flowers 4.11.21-46 Flowers 4.11.21-163Flowers 4.11.21-163 Flowers 4.11.21-165Flowers 4.11.21-165 Flowers 4.11.21-176Flowers 4.11.21-176 Flowers 4.11.21-189Flowers 4.11.21-189 Flowers 4.11.21-191Flowers 4.11.21-191 Flowers 4.11.21-195Flowers 4.11.21-195 Flowers 4.11.21-220Flowers 4.11.21-220 Flowers 4.11.21-206Flowers 4.11.21-206 Flowers 4.11.21-224Flowers 4.11.21-224 Flowers 4.11.21-218Flowers 4.11.21-218 Flowers 4.11.21-226-EditFlowers 4.11.21-226-Edit Flowers 4.11.21-233Flowers 4.11.21-233 Flowers 4.11.21-245Flowers 4.11.21-245 Flowers 4.11.21-235Flowers 4.11.21-235 Flowers 4.11.21-238Flowers 4.11.21-238 Flowers 4.11.21-248Flowers 4.11.21-248


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