Connecticut Fall Foliage Season 2022

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Connecticut Fall Foliage Season 2022


Rains late in the season helped save the fall colors from a summer drought thankfully.  The fall foliage season in Connecticut turned out to be better than expected as a result.  Fog was present many mornings this fall and fog was the theme of this fall's autumn foliage season in Connecticut.  I was able to get out quite a bit this year including up to Mohawk Mountain early in the season. Lake Zoar where I live really shined this year with so much fog in the mornings and migrating geese and swans.  I taught a morning mist autumn fall foliage class there which was a great success.  Other featured spots in the photos include Newtown, Connecticut, Roxbury, Connecticut, Washington, Connecticut, Lake Waramaug and my hometown of Southbury.  All in all it was a magical time for photos and I look forward to seeing what the 2023 fall foliage season brings.

Autumn 10.25.22-428Autumn 10.25.22-428 Autumn 10.11.22-304Autumn 10.11.22-304 Autumn 9.29.22-178Autumn 9.29.22-178 Autumn 10.11.22-8Autumn 10.11.22-8 Autumn 10.11.22-408Autumn 10.11.22-408 Autumn 10.11.22-456Autumn 10.11.22-456 Autumn 10.16.22-2Autumn 10.16.22-2 Autumn 10.16.22-74Autumn 10.16.22-74 Autumn 10.16.22-77Autumn 10.16.22-77 Autumn 10.16.22-81-EditAutumn 10.16.22-81-Edit Autumn 10.16.22-111Autumn 10.16.22-111 Autumn 10.16.22-189Autumn 10.16.22-189 Autumn 10.16.22-398Autumn 10.16.22-398 Autumn 10.16.22-505Autumn 10.16.22-505 Autumn 10.19.22-317Autumn 10.19.22-317 Autumn 10.19.22-349Autumn 10.19.22-349 Autumn 10.19.22-368Autumn 10.19.22-368 Autumn 10.19.22-372Autumn 10.19.22-372 Autumn 10.19.22-389Autumn 10.19.22-389 Autumn 10.19.22-378Autumn 10.19.22-378 Autumn 10.19.22-384Autumn 10.19.22-384 Autumn 10.19.22-398Autumn 10.19.22-398 Autumn 10.19.22-571Autumn 10.19.22-571 Autumn 10.19.22-550Autumn 10.19.22-550 Autumn 10.19.22-660Autumn 10.19.22-660 Autumn 10.19.22-643Autumn 10.19.22-643 Autumn 10.19.22-649Autumn 10.19.22-649 Autumn 10.19.22-416Autumn 10.19.22-416 Autumn 10.21.22-144Autumn 10.21.22-144 Autumn 10.21.22-45Autumn 10.21.22-45 Autumn 10.24.22-234Autumn 10.24.22-234 Autumn 10.24.22-292Autumn 10.24.22-292 Autumn 10.25.22-12Autumn 10.25.22-12 Autumn 10.25.22-235Autumn 10.25.22-235 Autumn 10.25.22-330Autumn 10.25.22-330 Autumn 10.25.22-256Autumn 10.25.22-256


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