Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park

October 02, 2013  •  1 Comment

Our journey of Acadia National Park ends on top Cadillac Mountain.  Cadillac Mountain stands tall at 1,528 feet.  Its summit is one of the highest on the east close with its proximity to the coast.  Cadillac's summit is mostly bare with low scrub and trees dotting the summit. The views from the summit are amazing and hundreds come each morning and night to watch the sun rise and set. 

Atop CadillacAtop Cadillac

Boulder and  spruce on Cadillac Mountain


Cairns mark the trail up Cadillac Mountain

Sunset 1-2Sunset 1-2

The sun sets and the day is done for today  

Sunset Cadillac Mt 2-2Sunset Cadillac Mt 2-2 Hills, lakes mountains and forests blend on the horizon


_DSC3496-Edit-2_DSC3496-Edit-2 Moon rises over the  Atlantic

_DSC3530-Edit-Edit-Edit_DSC3530-Edit-Edit-Edit Parting shot as we say farewell to sweet Acadia for now



John, your photos are so awesome. Sometimes we forget just how beautiful and how lucky we are to live in an area with so much to offer us. Viewing your pictures depicts such a peaceful moment in time making us realize we should take that moment and enjoy our surroundings. I'm so happy that you do that and pass on that beauty through your photos.
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