Forests, Lakes and Streams of Acadia National Park

September 24, 2013  •  6 Comments

Our journey through Acadia continues as we move inland.  We are greeted by forests of spruce and pine, by streams and glacier carved lakes and ponds.  It is a magical world in so many ways as magical as the coast but in a very different way.  To behold and to explore through this land is a gift beyond compare.

Blackwoods campground, Acadia National ParkBlackwood

Spruce and pine forest at Blackwoods Campground

Bubble Pond Acadia National ParkBubble Pond

Fair-weather clouds and sky at Bubble Pond.

Ferns at Acadia National ParkFerns

Ferns are in abundance in Acadia's forests and meadows.

Acadia National Park StreamAcadia Stream

Stream flowing towards the sea from Acadia's interior.

Pine Trees at Acadia National ParkPines

Pines  line the coast where sea meets forest.


Jordon Pond Acadia National ParkJordon Pond

Glorious summer day at Jordon Pond.

ferns and foliage Acadia National Park MaineSpiral

Ferns and rock meet in this moist rocky overhang.

Photo of Spider's web at Acadia National ParkSpider's Web

Spider's web catching morning mist and dew.

Stream Acadia National ParkAcadia Stream

Stream flowing from Acadia's interior toward the  ocean.

Birch trees at Acadia National ParkBirch Trees

Birch Trees taking over former meadow.



Yep, just amazing.
Sharon O'Connor(non-registered)
Beautiful. You bring out the beauty in nature.
Tricia Feijo(non-registered)
Wow John, awesome!!! You 'make' the camera lens see what you see: the exquisite, glorious beauty of nature. That's a gift -- thanks for sharing
Howard Chait(non-registered)
John, you amaze me!!
Ron Raven(non-registered)
I love them all. Especially the Birch trees they look like they are dancing.
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