2014 Year in Review

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2014 has been a banner year for John Munno Photography in many ways.  The year started out with the creation of my first wall calendar.  A dream which I had envisioned for many years, yet which seemed to be an impossible feat to accomplish.  Things came together in 2015 and I was able to release my 2015 Connecticut Landscapes Calendar which was a huge success being sold in numerous store in Connecticut as well as through my website and  Amazon.com.  




Then I had the wonderful opportunity to display my work at the Naugatuck Library for the month of April which led to an amazing newspaper article in the voices newspaper.




How can anyone forget "Encounters with Snowy Owl" a visit by a Snowy Owl to my neighborhood  which lasted for 3 days with hours of time photographing this majestic and  magnificent bird.  Little did I know that when a Snowy Encounter comes in your life expect change, and lots of that did happen including moving my home and office to Southbury Connecticut later in the year.




May brought the launching of photography lessons including group lessons with field trips as well as private lessons. I taught 6 classes and field trips as well as numerous private lessons and was able to share my passion for landscape photography with many friends and students.  I wanted to thank the Camera Club of Oxford Greens for hiring me for various field trips throughout the year as well as the numerous friends and students who attended my field trips and workshops.




July brought the launching of 15 new greeting cards including 12 from my “No Place Like Home” collection all taken within 15 miles from my home.  The cards have been a huge success in local stores.  People just love them.




August brought a wonderful design project with Prime Wellness of Connecticut who purchased numerous large canvas wraps for their medical facility.  News coverage with the photos was shown on numerous TV stations in Connecticut.  It had been a long time dream to have my work displayed in medical centers and hospitals to assist people with their healing and pain.  This was a dream come true for me in many ways. 


September brought another art exhibit, this time at the Oxford Town Hall where my photos were displayed for the month of September.


 Late summer and fall were very busy with moving into my new home and office and the repairs and work that followed.  Things are just starting to slow down this December.  I conducted numerous fall photography fieldtrips to highlight the lovely colors in Autumn in New England.




November brought another great photo opportunity this time when Jefferson Radiology purchased 12 of my images for their 2015 Calendar which goes out to 4,000 of their clients.  They did a whole “local artist” feature in their calendar and people loved it.  Once again it was a great opportunity to have my work be of healing to all those at Jefferson Radiology. 




In addition to the above events there were numerous purchases of my artwork in the form of framed prints and canvas wraps in addition to numerous internet sales of cards, dvds, cds as well as many photo contest awards and portrait session throughout the year.

Time can go fast and it is easy to forget where we have come from and how far we have come.  The end of the year is a good time to slow down, take a look back and chart a course for the New Year.  

 It is with deep gratitude and appreciation that I thank everyone who helped support me through the year through your purchases of my photos, calendars, greeting cards, classes and artwork.  This helps me meet the financial demands and expenses of running a photography business which can be great.  I also wanted to thank all those who supported me with their appreciation and encouragement through their verbal and written testimonials and posts.  This has helped me keep going through the challenges and difficult times. 

To share one’s heart can be a scary and risky thing.  My love of Nature and the expression of the Divine through Nature is a very personal thing.  I thank all those who have been touched, healed, inspired, and comforted  by my photography.  For me this is the greatest gift of all.   

What the new year can bring I do not know.  This year with its triumphs have come many challenges as well.  I can only hope and pray for the continued strength, inspiration and creativity, time and freedom to be able to share this beauty to be touched by and to touched the hearts of those around me.

 I wanted to extend a heart-felt thank you, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.



John Munno






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