Ponds and Lakes of Acadia's Interior

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Our journey to Acadia has focused thus far on the coast featuring the magical seascapes taken at the "golden hour", "first light" and "blue light" time of the day. I wanted to leave the coast and head to the interior of Acadia where I will be focusing on the many ponds and lakes that cover the interior of Mount Desert Isle. These ponds are a refreshing stop along the many trails and carriage roads that traverse the interior of Acadia. This first photo is one of the most iconic of Acadia's many ponds, Jordon Pond with the Bubble Mountains in the distance.

Jordon PondJordon PondD75O


A short hike past along the Jordon Pond Trail take you away from the crowds and to a boardwalk trail around the lake with beautiful views of the Bubbles in the distance.

Bubble ViewBubble ViewD75O


Our journey into the heart of Acadia's interior continues with our tour of it's many ponds and lakes. There is a pond of every size from small intimate quite ponds to large expansive ponds that dominate the landscape. Here is a and example of one of a small and quaint pond, Bubble Pond.

Bubble Pond PosterBubble Pond PosterD75O


Some of the lakes and ponds of Acadia can be quite small and others large and expansive. Eagle Lake is one of the larger lakes on Mt. Desert Isle. It is a short hike to get to but well worth the walk. For there you will be rewarded with much peace and beauty sitting on a rock with the small waves lapping on the shore.

Eagle LakeEagle LakeD75O


Our journey through Acadia continues. This time we leave the more know and traveled east side of Mt. Desert Isle to the lesser west side of Mt. Desert Isle, referred to as the quite side. A series of dirt roads takes you to the interior ponds and trails. This pond as the name describes is a very isolated quite large pond called Long Pond.


Long Pond PosterLong Pond PosterD75O


Waving pond grasses in the wind captured by long exposure on Upper Hadlock Pond, Mt. Desert Isle, Acadia National Park.


In the Wind-2In the Wind-2D75O


Waving Grasses-2Waving Grasses-2D75O




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These photos are really stunning, John..
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Very beautiful, so nice to see, especially after all the destruction. Thank you
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really beautiful john. i think you should do more national parks.
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wow what a journey
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