Spring Flower Photography Field Class

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Taking your photos from ordinary to extraordinary

Southbury, Connecticut


Since flowers were blooming all over the place I felt it would be the perfect time to offer a Spring Flower Photography Field Class.  The topic of this class was taking your photos from ordinary to extraordinary.  In this class I taught how through the use of selective aperture, proximity to subject, background selection, and angle of shooting and composition you can take ordinary subjects like flowers on your lawn or yard and turn them into beautiful works of art. Much information and techniques were taught about macro photography and the lenses and equipment to use to create beautiful macro images.  The weather was wonderful and the flowers were happy to see us appreciating their beauty.  Thanks to all the students that came and attended.   Flowers 4.24.21-35-Edit-EditFlowers 4.24.21-35-Edit-Edit

2021-04-24-17.06.10 ZS PMax2021-04-24-17.06.10 ZS PMax
Flowers 4.24.21-9Flowers 4.24.21-9 Flowers 4.24.21-16Flowers 4.24.21-16 Flowers 4.24.21-12-EditFlowers 4.24.21-12-Edit Flowers 4.24.21-19Flowers 4.24.21-19 2021-04-24-17.23.17 ZS PMax2021-04-24-17.23.17 ZS PMax Flowers 4.24.21-29Flowers 4.24.21-29 Flowers 4.24.21-24Flowers 4.24.21-24 Flowers 4.24.21-31Flowers 4.24.21-31




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