Beach/Ocean and Seascape Photography Class

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Beach/Ocean and Seascape Photography Class


 Hammonanset State Park, Madison, Connecticut

Date: August 18, 2021

Time: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm 2 hours


Hammonasset SunsetHammonasset Sunset



I will be teaching a seascape photography workshop on the beach. Wednesday, August 18 at 6pm. It is a great class to learn how to take ocean, seascape, coastal, beach and sunset photos. Summer is passing fast. Come experience and take in the beauty of the Connecticut Coast.

Seascape Photography Field Workshop

(rain date Aug 19, 2021)

Cost $45.00

One of my favorite subjects to photography is ocean shores or what I call seascape photography. Connecticut is blessed with a huge number of beaches, shores, bays, and rocky shores all perfect for seascape photography. Our workshops will take place at Hammonanset State Park which is home to Connecticut’s largest beaches as well as salt marshes, rock outcroppings etc. All perfect for this class. This was a popular class last year, the students loved it.

In this class I will give lot of tips and suggestions to capture this beautiful scene through the use of long exposure photography to create a sense of motion and timelessness. Lots of photo shooting time will be provided for all to practice and take some great photos.

Take in and enjoy the beautiful summer by the sea. Hope to see you there.

In Light,

John Munno

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Below are some photos taken during the class

We were blessed with good weather, calms skies and just about a full moon too.  The sky was quite overcast so their were no reds and oranges of sunset but we were able to get some twilight photos, blue hour photos, the full moon and then some light painting towards the evening.  It was a great class.  The students loved it.  

Hammonanset 8.18.21-49Hammonanset 8.18.21-49 Hammonanset 8.18.21-67Hammonanset 8.18.21-67 Hammonanset 8.18.21-29Hammonanset 8.18.21-29 Hammonanset 8.18.21-21Hammonanset 8.18.21-21 Hammonanset MoonHammonanset Moon



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