Acadia National Park Photo Trip July 2022

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Acadia National Park 

Photo Trip March July 2022


Acadia National Park is one of the best photography shooting destinations in the United States.  So much diversity can be found in such a small place from the rugged Atlantic coast of Maine, to mountain top views, lakes and ponds, bays, lighthouses and harbors. The long warm days of summer draw millions of visitors to this Iconic East Coast State Park.  I have visited the park close to 10 times so know many of the best spots for photos.  

Acadia National Park is located on Mount Desert Island.  Being an island it is surrounded on all by sides by water.  The east coast is made of pink hard granite shores that are pounded by the strong waves of the Atlantic Ocean.  The Park Loop Road on the east makes for easy access to these shores. The sun rises over the ocean adding another element of beauty to the seascapes.  

Acadia 7.08.22-7Acadia 7.08.22-7
Acadia 7.08.22-55Acadia 7.08.22-55

Acadia 7.08.22-165Acadia 7.08.22-165
Acadia 7.08.22-63Acadia 7.08.22-63

The CalmThe Calm
Acadia 7.09.22-18Acadia 7.09.22-18
Coastal BluesCoastal Blues
Acadia FireAcadia Fire
Dusk brings blue hour colors with moon and starts along the East Coast and waters of Acadia.  

Evening BluesEvening Blues
Acadia 7.6.22-308Acadia 7.6.22-308

Acadia 7.09.22-410Acadia 7.09.22-410
No trip could be complete to Acadia National Park without visiting the summit of Cadillac Mountain.  Sunrises to East can be stunning as well as sunsets to the west.  Any time of the days vast views in all directions can be seen of the Maine Coast. 

Acadia 7.07.22-892-EditAcadia 7.07.22-892-Edit 2022-07-17-10.07.30 ZS PMax-Edit2022-07-17-10.07.30 ZS PMax-Edit

Acadia 7.07.22-1047Acadia 7.07.22-1047
2022-07-27-05.32.02 ZS PMax2022-07-27-05.32.02 ZS PMax
Acadia 7.10.22-113Acadia 7.10.22-113
Acadia 7.10.22-1-EditAcadia 7.10.22-1-Edit
Acadia 7.10.22-266-Edit-EditAcadia 7.10.22-266-Edit-Edit
Numerous roads cross the interior of Acadia National Park along mountains, swamps, forests revealing the diversity of Acadia's interior.  Elaborate stone bridges and arches allow cars, horses, bikes and hikers to travers this beautiful landscape. 

Acadia 7.07.22-545-PanoAcadia 7.07.22-545-Pano Acadia 7.07.22-1069Acadia 7.07.22-1069 Acadia 7.08.22-301-EditAcadia 7.08.22-301-Edit Acadia 7.08.22-351Acadia 7.08.22-351 Acadia 7.08.22-282Acadia 7.08.22-282 Acadia 7.08.22-399Acadia 7.08.22-399 Acadia 7.08.22-533Acadia 7.08.22-533 2022-08-13-09.01.11 ZS PMax2022-08-13-09.01.11 ZS PMax

Nights by the campfire are a beautiful way to reflect on the beauty of the day.  I am planning an Acadia National Park Photography Workshop the end of August 2023.  Mark your calendar and contact me for information.  Acadia 7.10.22-429Acadia 7.10.22-429





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