Connecticut February Photography Zoom Classes

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February Photography Zoom Classes


Winter 1.7.22-40Winter 1.7.22-40


I will be offering 2 photography zoom classes to get you started off on the right foot for 2022.  Come join for these fun and informative classes.


Printing your photos Part 1

Zoom Class

Thursday February 3rd 2022

7:00 pm to 8:30 pm


Digital Photography has opened up a whole new world regarding the printing and displaying of our photos.  Your photos take on a life of their own when they are taken from a photo in your camera or computer and enlarged and printed to various sizes and materials such as framed prints, canvas, metal prints and acrylic prints, panoramas etc.  But how do you take a photo from your computer and turn it into a large piece of art or photo for a competition etc.? 

This class will take you step by step through the process of resizing and formatting photos for printing through various popular software programs Photoshop elements, Photoshop and Lightroom as well as home printing and printing through popular online printing companies.  I will share with you common online labs that print in a wide variety of materials and mediums as well as go over the many different print mediums available today.

It will be an eye-opening class, and give you the confidence to transform your photos from the digital realm to the physical. 


Class length 1.5 hours



Printing Class Sign Up Link

The mirrorless camera and lens revolution

Navigating through the changing world of Cameras and Lenses for 2022

Which cameras and lenses are right for you

Zoom class


Tuesday February 8th

7pm to 8:30 pm


With 2022 upon us the camera world is changing at a very rapid rate.  The world of cameras is going through one of the greatest changes since the change in cameras from film to digital.   Digital cameras are now passe and mirrorless cameras are the future and the present.  Most companies have stopped making DSLR cameras and lenses and everything is shifting to mirrorless cameras at a rapid rate.  It is very exciting yet very challenging to understand all the new cameras and lenses that are coming out.  The competition is hotter than ever with camera companies vying to keep up in this newly emerging market. 


Deciding what cameras and lenses are right for you is more complex than ever.  In this class I will guide you through the recent changes and trends in mirrorless cameras and lenses and help you chart your course in the direction of which way to travel regarding building upon the system you already have or how best to move to the latest mirrorless camera systems.


Mirrorless lens technology has taken a quantum leap in the last two years. With companies like Nikon and Canon creating a totally new line up of mirrorlesses lenses which have surpassed optically the lenses produced in the last 30 or more years.   In this class I will help you determine which lenses are best for your needs.

Supply chain disruptions and chip shortages have also changed the way people shop and purchase cameras and lenses.  Past are the days of going to B and H, adding an item to your shopping cart and having it show up on your door the next day.  New methods and places to shop are all required to get your hands on the gear you want.

Mirrorless Camera and Lens Class Sign Up Link



Class length 1.5 hours




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